Learning Lane Preschool


Program Contact: Sandy Henningson at 785-623-8791

 Purpose:The purpose of Learning Lane preschool is to guide young children in their learning and socialization skills they need to learn before they begin Kindergarten. The environment will be a safe and loving environment. Learning opportunities will be offered socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically. Children will be encouraged to express themselves and share in the activities in the classroom. Play is an important part of a childs social development and will be incorporated into the activities of the day. During this time children will learn to play with others and use their imagination to create. The classroom will offer a Christian atmosphere that is reinforced with the teachings of peace, kindness, caring, sharing, loving one another and forgiving one another.

Ages: 4 and 5

Cost:  Private Fee

There is a 2+ year waiting list.  If you have young children & are interested in Learning Lane, please contact Sandy ASAP.