Enough 2018

October 29th 2018

Dear Hays First Member(s)


The next two Sundays, November 4th and November 11th, is the time we ask our members to return their 2019 Estimate of Giving Commitment Cards as we make plans for our ministry for the upcoming year. It will be a great and inspiring couple of weekends in worship. 


  I want to remind you why we ask our members to turn in Estimate of Giving Commitment Cards each year and offer a specific invitation to you.


On a very practical level, we ask you to turn in an Estimate of Giving Commitment Card so our Finance Committee will be able to set an accurate ministry budget for the upcoming year, making the most of every gift. On a personal level, the return of the Estimate of Giving Commitment Card invites you to spend time in prayer and reflection, considering what your offerings should be for the upcoming year. My wife and I look at what our expected income is going to be in the upcoming year, and we revise our giving based upon that figure. As we are able, we give other offerings to the church and to various charities and mission projects. 


You may already practice tithing – giving 10 percent. If you do, I want to commend you. If you are not yet tithing, I’d like to invite you to consider taking a step toward tithing this year.  Take a look at your current giving, determine what percentage of your income you are currently giving as an offering to God, and consider raising that by at least 1 percentage point. This is how most people begin to tithe – by gradually increasing their giving until they hit the goal.


We are grateful for your financial support of the church.  Your giving this year has made a difference in the lives of children, youth and adults in our church, as well as in the lives of people everywhere we have in mission and ministry in the world.

Below you will find a Giving Guide that can help you as you consider your commitment for 2019, and an Estimate of Giving Card. Please pray about your giving, and take a moment to reflect upon what offering you would make to God through our church in the coming year. Then bring the card with you to worship this weekend or the next. 

Again, thank you for your support of God’s work here at First United Methodist Church!

In Christ,

Pastor Mike Rose

Stewardship Campaign Schedule

ENOUGH - Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity


One of Jesus’ great teaching parables involves a sower who cast seed along the ground. The sower hoped the seeds would sprout, grow, and bear good fruit. Some seeds did just that, producing a great harvest. But others, Jesus said, fell among thorns and, though they began to grow, these good plants were quickly choked out. Jesus said the thorns were “the cares of the world and the lure of wealth” (Matthew 13:22).

In a culture where having “enough” seems to have become a never-ending pursuit, Jesus’ parable remains incredibly relevant. Many of us are chasing the American dream in ways that lead to stress, anxiety, and fear—thorns that can rob us of the ability to enjoy the abundant lives of purpose that God intended for us.

All of us have struggled with these issues at one time or another. They are important issues that we cannot ignore. This is why, over 4 weeks in October, we will be having a churchwide study and worship emphasis called Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity. During this time we will explore what the Bible teaches us about financial management through worship and small group study. We’ll hear expert advice and stories about what others have learned by working through financial challenges. Each week we will provide you with some practical tools you can use to assess your financial situation and develop a financial plan with a biblical foundation.

At the conclusion of the emphasis, we will have the opportunity to make personal commitments of our offerings to God through our church in the coming year. We will consecrate these commitments in the worship service on two consecutive Sundays. (See the schedule that follows.)

I hope you will join us in the coming weeks as we look at how we can manage our financial resources and truly experience simplicity, generosity, and joy.

Schedule of Events


October 07, 2018

“When Dreams Become Nightmares”

October 14, 2018

“Wisdom and Finance”

October 21, 2018

“Cultivating Contentment”

October 28, 2018

“Defined by Generosity”

October 28, 2018

Small Group Study Ends

November 04, 2018

Consecration Sunday 1

November 11, 2018

Consecration Sunday 2

December 02, 2018

Celebration Sunday

(Church Potluck)